Monday 22 April 2013

Introducing the Team

Hi everyone, it's my turn, Hilde, the blog owner.
I have been crafting every since I can remember, watching my Mother knit, watch tv, hold a conversation and smoke all at the same time, and often reading a novel besides, lol. She was the ultimate in multi tasking. I learned a lot of my basic skills in the early years, tapestry, embroidery, sewing, knitting, crochet. Back then crafts were not hobbies as we know them today, they were necessities. I have many a memory of helping my Mum unraveling and old jumper or two and watching her re knitting another... When my boys were little, money was scarce so I bought track suits in good condition from the Salvos(thrift store) and re cut and sewed them into tracksuits for them.. I would often get comments, that my children were always so well dressed. Oh, that used to make me laugh and give me a big head sometimes as well, lol.
I tried my hand with folkart, glass mosaics, water colour, silk painting, sewing, smocking, cottage crafts, and now after all that got hooked on paper crafts. I first started making some cards to sell for our church to raise some much needed funds for a certain charity project. You wouldn't want to know what those cards looked like, lol. It basicly just grew from there, a lot of the church members started ordering cards for their business for Christmas and so on. My card making started to become more confident and now I am brave enough to continue selling most of my cards. My favourite thing to do is making cards, interjected with the odd 3d project and scrap pages.
Both my boys are grown up now and out of the house, I only have my 17 year old daughter left to look after, and have the time and peace to play. I also have an ebay business selling my cards and bits of synthetic grass that my husband has left over from his jobs (he lays synthetic grass tennis courts), I sell them as pet mats, which earns me enough money to buy papers and dies to make more cards.
I have been blogging for about 4 years now, and have been umming and arring if I should open my own challenge blog. So here we are, at last. After being on a bunch of different Design Teams, I know enough to be dangerous, so I thought well why not? 
I have had great pleasure in introducing my DT girls to you over the last weeks. I am really looking forward to getting on with our challenges now.
I named the blog after my favourite Insect,
I just love Dragonflies.

I really would appreciate it if you joined us and play along with us, let's have some fun together...
Welcome to my Challenge Blog
Crafting with Dragonflies

You can go and check out my card blog  here
Blessings Hilde


  1. Lovely reading about you Hilde - our Head Dragonfly lol. It is getting close now and rather exciting. With the variety of challenges we have here I am sure we will get a mix of different crafter showing off their talents. Hugs Ina.

  2. Hi Hilde,
    Pleased to meet you finally. Can't wait for the challenges to begin. See you soon. hugs Mrs a.


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