Saturday 1 October 2016

# 67 Pinktober

Welcome to Crafting with Dragonflies.

This is a very important challenge for me personally,and I am sure for many of you out there. I wouldn't say we are celebrating Pinktober, which is Breast Cancer awareness month. But certainly making people aware. Sadly though we all know someone don't we?
I had Breast Cancer in 2004/2005 and survived. Sadly the cancer returned two years ago in places I don't want to talk about, and few other medical conditions. I am keeping on keeping on and I have faith I will get through this as well. 

I will not give up.

For me my faith and my family have been my rock.
The medication and treatment I am receiving is holding it at bay...
So I am very blessed indeed, and I am able to live my life as normal as it can be for me.
Please do your part, donate to your local cancer group, get involved, let all the women in your life know about the dangers, check your precious boobs weekly, get a mammogram and an ultrasound. Stay on top of it. Prevention is better than the cure...believe me.

So our challenge is to create a pink Card for Pinktober, and here are the gorgeous cards the Design Team came up with.


So there you have, a wonderful selection of cards with the theme Pinktober. So the main colour has to be pink and and have a reference of some sort to the cause...Thanks everyone....Looking forward to seeing your wonderful entries. Blessings from Hilde and the Team.


  1. I am sad you have to endure still more treatments, but so grateful for your fighting spirit!

    The DT has outdone themselves! Wonderful creations! hugs, de

  2. You are truly Wonder Woman Hilde!!! Our coffee morning on Friday raised €600 for the Cancer nurses charity....Macmillan nurses. So many. Generous people. Stay strong my friend will beat it!!! Blessings Wynn xxx

    1. Thanks Wynn, way to go. And I am believing that I will beat 'IT' as well...blessings

  3. So sorry to hear what you're going through again. My card is for you.

    1. Thank you, it's a beautiful card, made me cry...but in a good way. I am determined to beat this...blessings


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