Saturday 10 June 2017

# 81 Winners : Animals - top three win anniversary prize

Hi all, hope you had a great week, loved all of the entries for the Animals Card Challenge. such a variety...Awesome

 This was our 4th Birthday surprise, remember?
  Big Dragonfly hugs to the winners, can you please contact me on our email, I will need your details so I can send you your prize... I have a selection of prizes to give so first in gets first pick.
Contact details are in the top tab.

Our wonderful Granmargaret had the job to pick the top three:

Entry # 7: Carolyn

Entry # 14 : Auntie Sue

Entry 47: Linda

Whoohoo!! Wow. Congratulations everyone, and a big thanks to all that entered...Blessings from Hilde and the Team...


  1. Thank you so much for this selection! I have sent off my email!

  2. It was very hard to pick the top 3 out of so many lovely entries.

  3. Thanks have sent you an email hope you have got it.


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