Saturday 24 November 2018

# 118 - Large Christmas Tag -last challenge for the year

Big Dragonfly hugs, hope you are all well. This will be our last challenge for 2018. We are giving our Design Team a well deserved rest to get ready for the busy season.

Please keep a look out for the top 3 of the last challenge in next Saturdays post. 

Nothing like a beautiful large tag to get the creative juices flowing. So we are asking you to make a large Tim Holtz type of tag. So they are approx. 15 cm long and around 6 cm wide. You don't need to have the die , just ball park it and you got it. Most of us have a hole punch for the top. Too easy.
I have often just used a normal card size ( C6) and cut them out from front and back of the card so you get two. No drama

Let's see your wonderful works ( I have often used these instead of cards, specially when I have forgotten to send one, lol.) and attached it to the present, or gift or anything I was handing over.

But having said all that, what ever tag you can manage is fine.
Blessings Hilde

Christmas tags

Here are the wonderful tags from the Team to inspire you:





There you have it, looking forward to your lovely tags, blessings Hilde

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