Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Challenge # 16 : Christmas Ornament - for the tree or wall

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great week so far...
 a big HELLO to all of our wonderful followers old and new......
well you guessed it, we are up to our next challenge and this fortnight we are asking you to make a Christmas Ornament or a Wall Hanging. Don't panic, it's easier than you think. Our girls have put together a great bunch of clever ideas, our very generous sponsor for the this challenge is Bugaboo, and they have the most gorgeous images to choose from.......

The winner will receive 7 digi images  of your choice, wow...

Keep a look out for the winners of the last challenge in next Wednesdays post...and some more inspiration as well...
Now let's check out the Dragonfly creations....




Thank you all so much for having fun along side of us and entering into our challenge, you are all very much appreciated and consider yourself hugged....
Please take the time to read our challenge rules, as you will need to be a follower to take part, and can only enter now it's your turn, looking forward to visiting your blogs......
Many blessings from Hilde and all the Dragonflies

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Design Team Craft Room Reveal - Hilde

Hi all, well it's my turn to show you my space. I loved seeing all those gorgeous places and spaces from my Team, I hope you did to, there are yet a few more to come....
We have a two storey house and upstairs is a room that has been used for all sorts of things over the years, and now it is my caft space...

I have been very blessed indeed to have my own craft room now...but after 32 years of marriage, I don't feel guilty one bit....when the kids were little we never had the money, time or room....but now I can enjoy things a bit more and have more 'me' husband loves to sit on the couch and play on his Ipad and I often hear the sound effects when he watches his car you tube restoration videos.
So we both enjoy each others company, and he shows me his video and I show him my finished creations, and my daughter who still lives at home will often use the computer, when I am crafting...

I have done a bit of a before and after....
Here is one of my corners before- bit messy 

Here is the after
 I finally got myself some cheap cube shelves from Fantastic Furniture and it looks a lot more tidy now. You can see the ribbons in the jars to the left and my stamp pads...More ribbons, stamps, embellies and stuff are in the shelves...

This is a long desk that I can spread out across, sometimes I spread myself a bit too far.....
but this organised mess is how I create, to the left you see punches and stuff, lots of stuff . I dont tidy this one............phfftt...

Before: Here is a shelf with all sorts of wonders, as I was tidying up, I found stuff I didn't even know I had.
Here it is after, changed a few things around, but not that much. I use the ironing board for my die cutting, not for ironing, who likes ironing, bahh, not me, found a better use for it...
At the bottom right you can see my card stamps and dies are all in the boxes in the shelves.. 
Well there you have it, maybe not as big or as much as some, but still massive....and am very blessed to have it and I enjoy working in my creative crafty room....
I hope you liked having a look, blessings Hilde

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Challenge #14 winners Post plus some other things!

Hello Everyone, my, isn't November flying along - how many weeks left to Christmas?
 Don't tell - I will become too panicky!

Well, didn't our last Challenge (#14)  go gang busters! 

You were all asked to make your own flower embellies, and these did not have to be attached to anything but you all did attach them - clever people! Many of you didn't tell us how you made them though - or if there was a tutorial link, it wasn't added.  Some flowers were made from amazing things - fabric, gauze, ribbons, old paper.......and looked spectacular.

Our Sponsor for this challenge was Emerald Fairies and the winner gets two images of their choice. 

As with most things, there is only one winner however, and this fortnights inner (chosen by our leader Hilde, who says "OMG, so many gorgeous entries, so hard to pick, but I really love ..............!" )...........drum roll...................wait for it....................

Congratulations Heather - please contact Barb for your prize via email
Don't forget to also collect your winners badge from the sidebar and display it in your next blog to brag a little!

Our TOP THREE were chosen this fortnight by Barb.  She has also just had her craft space revealed on Sunday - WOW, I love that Disney room that is about to become the Craft Room! Envy.........

#4 Jane Savage - Beautiful Poinsettias in my favorite Winter color combination of blue and white

#14 Norma - Amazing ability to make handmade look store bought. Be sure to check out her blog for both inspiration and tutorials!

#28 Gail -  For hand cut flowers and the bravery to show off her toes. She's getting ready for sandal season and here in Canada we've stopped shaving our legs (much to our husband's horror, lol). It's not like anyone (besides husbands) are going to see them for the next 6 months, rofl.

Congratulations to all of you and please don't forget to collect the TOP THREE badge and display it proudly.

Challenge # 15 : Card with Stickpins-Theme :Things with Wings/plus freebie 

Sponsored this fortnight by   -3 digis of your choice!

There is plenty of inspiration on the post about this challenge, but just in case you want some more, here is another card, this one by Barb, and featuring one of the images from our lovely sponsor for this challenge


Isn't that a stunner! Love the feathers Barb!

As you can see, Barb has included two stick pins in her card - it MUST BE A CARD - and some of us have put more than one but you can use one, two , three or can make them or use store-bought ones, or ones that have been gifted to you. Just use a stick-pin in your card somewhere. As we are so close to Christmas, I assume we will get lots of Christmas cards but you don't have to make a Christmas one - make whatever kind of card you wish - but it is a good chance to make that extra-special card for someone. 

Go a bit OTT (over the top) as I did, or Hilde; or keep it simple like Tania, Wynn or Judith did, allowing the inks and stamping to shine. Or you can look at Kelli's card. Go on, have a tour around and then - add a stick pin to a card and enter it!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Design Team Craft Room Reveal : Barb

Hi everyone, well I really hope you have been enjoying our show and tell....I have asked my girls to let us all see where they do their creating...I love having a look at how much or how little our craft collections much fun to have a is Barb's turn: enjoy

I'm like Tania, I'm using 3 rooms for crafting right now, so I'm in a craft house too.
My kitchen houses the command center, lol. Actually it is my computer and Silhouette SD, which I use for EVERYTHING. My setup is quite clever really, we removed the bottom right cupboard and put in a sliding tray for my keyboard. My computer, monitor, and printer sit on top. My Silhouette is on a TV tray for easy connection to the computer.

My dining room has all my paper and tools storage and I use the dining room table for most of my cutting, gluing, crafting, etc. As you can see, another little desk has moved in there. The big window overlooks the river valley so we all like 'working' in there.
 I am in the process of turning the former nursery into my craft room (that explains the Disney Babies on the wall). The Husband painted an old dresser that beautiful, bright, sunny yellow that will hold most of the papers and tools that are currently downstairs. I bought a computer armoire which will hold a laptop (if and when I get one) and my Silhouette. My sewing machine table is also in here now. The Husband also made a Murphy bed so that we can still use the room as a spare room for company but I can put it up and out of the way when I'm working in there.
There's a tour of my crafty spaces (and my house). I am blessed to have so many inspirational places and spaces to 'work'!

To find out more go to Barbs blog here

Oh my goodness, I am loving your craft house, and the Murphy bed is fantastic, believing for you that you will get your lap top, thanks for the tour, blessings Hilde

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Challenge # 15 : Card with Stickpins-Theme :Things with Wings/plus freebie

Hi everyone, hope you had a wonderful week so far. I am so glad you found us. We are having such a fun time creating and crafting and trying new things....Our last challenge was such a delight, and we had a lot of entries, thanks so much to everyone that played along with us................ keep a look out next Wednesday for the winner..... and on Sunday we will continue with our Craft Room Reveals....
A promised freebie at the end of this post.....oh yeah, it's all happening....
I hope you are willing to try something different every now and then, because this fortnight our challenge # 15 is to create a card with the theme of 

Things with Wings with one or more stick pins

 Our very generous Sponsor for this challenge is Crafts and Me and the winner will receive 3 digis of your choice...

Now onto our wonderful and talented Design Team samples to inspire you.... please visit their blogs and leave them some encouraging words, and find out how they made their cards...
If you would like to be a Guest Designer with us, just leave GD after your name when you enter...

Having said that, here is another beautiful creation from our Guest Designer CG:

An now onto my Dragonflies:

 Ina has made this gorgeous creation, stunning colours....

 Tania has used the silhouette image from our sponsor to create this gorgeous card

This lovely femine creation is from Sammy ...and she has used our sponsor image

Susan has used our sponsor image and has made her own stick pins

Hilde creating this blue and green things with wings inspired card

Judith created this elegant card and made her own stickpins

Wynn created this gorgeous card, very pretty

Great card from Kel, using sponsor image

 Here is the promised freebie, this is one of my favourite Christmas flowers to use, the Pointsettia...
Please do not repost this image or claim it as yours, just let people know where they can find it or leave a link to this blog post, thanks and have fun with it....

Please make sure you adhere to our rules, you will find them at the top tab. This fortnight we are asking you to create a we cannot accept tags, scrap pages or 3d play along you need to be a follower... you can only enter once but are allowed to enter into other challenges without restriction, easy peasy.......
Thanks so much for playing along, and lots of blessings from Hilde and the Team.....

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Design Team Craft Room Reveal - Judith

Hi everone, I certainly hope you have been enjoying the craft room tour from our girls....
I know I certainly have, well today we have the pleasure of checking out Judith;s craft space, and she is very brave as she is showing us a before and after....go Judith...!! 

 I have tidied my craft room! It has taken two trips away from my Husband to achieve this, but it is now very tidy. I am including a before picture as well, just so you can see how slovenly I usually am! My craft room is what should be the dining room of our house, but it is quite small, and we have had a lovely extension built to house our dining table now.

I am ashamed to show this picture, but in my defence, I always know where everything is!

My nice tidy desk, you couldn't see the Big Shot Pro before, could you? There are pieces of my artwork on the wall, and the collection keeps growing.

Lots of baskets and useful storage to keep things organised.

My precious unmounted stamp collection is housed in those Really Useful boxes, and I have more stored elsewhere. I love to collect books on the various crafts that I enjoy, cardmaking, mixed media, jewellery making, etc.
The filing cabinets, including the little red one on the left, house my wood mounted stamps, more unmounted stamps and card. I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my craft room. I quite often end up working on the dining table because my desk is so untidy, plus the lighting is better there:

Please check her blog here out for more details and leave her some love.

 Thanks so much Judith, I really enjoyed looking around, and it certainly gave me some valuable ideas on storage, and I love the open plan of your you living room,  blessings Hilde

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Winners Post: Challenge 13

For this challenge we asked you to 
create a Card with the theme of Nature/Leaves/Trees

We were sponsor free for this one, so the winner will receive a mystery prize from Hilde.
If it is you, can you please email Hilde with your address so she can send the prize to you

A reminder: 
We always have some wonderful interesting things coming up, so make sure you read every post: for example, we will be checking out our DT's crafty corners with a post every Sunday

This Sunday we feature Tania - you can go and read her blog here.   

Now, for the winner (one only ) of Challenge # 13 

Hilde's comment: Maybe it's the timber background embossing, or the beautiful Eucalyptus flowers, but my eye kept being drawn to this card: just love the look and simplicity of it.....well done and congratulations

Please send your address so she can send off the 'surprise' to

Congratulations Cathy - don't forget to get the winners badge off the side bar and display it on your blog to let the world know how clever you are! 

Now for the Top Three

Chosen this time by Tania!
 I have also included her comments at the top of each image.

45 Gail L: love the colours and the image is so sweet

19 Leanne: great image & colours love all the detail

33 Birgit: love the simplicity 

(Same name as my DIL - Hi Bea!)

Congratulations to you all - don't forget to take your Top Three badge from the side bar and display it proudly! Winners are Grinners!

Now, we still have a challenge running - this one can be either attached to something or stand alone

Challenge # 14 : Make your own Flower Embellishments 

You will need to tell us how or what you did, and if you can add a link to the tutorial, great....

You can just have the flowers or put them on something - the sky is the limit!  It is up to you: card, scrap page, box or on their own and they can be made from whatever you wish to make them from!

                               Our Sponsor for this challenge is Emerald Fairies


                                           The winner will receive two images

Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start to create those flowers!  We are just waiting to see what you can come up with this time!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Design Team Craft Room Reveal - Tania

Hi everyone and welcome to another great Craftroom Reveal...Oh how much fun we have been having looking at everyone's amazing craft spaces.... today it's Tania's turn......enjoy.............
Hi all.  Please note I craft in the back of the lounge, I will and do store my craft where ever I can in the bungalow.(My husband says we live ina craft house)
 This is my main crafting area, you can some of my  punches and my alcohol pens and Stampin Up ink carousel
 Across from this I have another larger crafting space and store many items under the table in A4 boxes Distress Inks, tonic dies etc
Oh yes and I forgot to lift the cat dishes out of the lounge window (hard dry food only) but I have very fickle cats and they are not keen eating together and we have 3.
 This is to the side of picture one you can see me Ebosser & Big shot
My Grand Calibur is below.
I store my dies in a bookcase at the front of the lounge along with my A3 printer 
This is in the hallway and I store my unmounted stamps in plastic boxes.
I also store Spellbinder dies and card in them too.
I store some things in the little bedroom but it still is a bedroom .
In A4 boxes on sheleves
The rest of my stash is in Really Useful Boxes in the loft.
So I wish I had a craft room and not spread all over the house.

OMGTania, looks like a craft room/house to me much stuff, I would loose myself there for a couple of days easy...thanks for sharing,
please make sure you visit Tania here..and leave her some love
Blessings Hilde