Sunday 24 November 2013

Design Team Craft Room Reveal - Hilde

Hi all, well it's my turn to show you my space. I loved seeing all those gorgeous places and spaces from my Team, I hope you did to, there are yet a few more to come....
We have a two storey house and upstairs is a room that has been used for all sorts of things over the years, and now it is my caft space...

I have been very blessed indeed to have my own craft room now...but after 32 years of marriage, I don't feel guilty one bit....when the kids were little we never had the money, time or room....but now I can enjoy things a bit more and have more 'me' husband loves to sit on the couch and play on his Ipad and I often hear the sound effects when he watches his car you tube restoration videos.
So we both enjoy each others company, and he shows me his video and I show him my finished creations, and my daughter who still lives at home will often use the computer, when I am crafting...

I have done a bit of a before and after....
Here is one of my corners before- bit messy 

Here is the after
 I finally got myself some cheap cube shelves from Fantastic Furniture and it looks a lot more tidy now. You can see the ribbons in the jars to the left and my stamp pads...More ribbons, stamps, embellies and stuff are in the shelves...

This is a long desk that I can spread out across, sometimes I spread myself a bit too far.....
but this organised mess is how I create, to the left you see punches and stuff, lots of stuff . I dont tidy this one............phfftt...

Before: Here is a shelf with all sorts of wonders, as I was tidying up, I found stuff I didn't even know I had.
Here it is after, changed a few things around, but not that much. I use the ironing board for my die cutting, not for ironing, who likes ironing, bahh, not me, found a better use for it...
At the bottom right you can see my card stamps and dies are all in the boxes in the shelves.. 
Well there you have it, maybe not as big or as much as some, but still massive....and am very blessed to have it and I enjoy working in my creative crafty room....
I hope you liked having a look, blessings Hilde


  1. Fabulous Hilde - where did you get your stamp pad holder shelves - I am trying to find something like that but all I can find is carousel thingys!! Enjoying seeing everyone's workspaces... Mxx

    1. Hi there, well I got it off ebay here in Australia as I also only found the round ones and they would have taken up too much room. From memory they were a DIY that someone made and sold....I must say I havn't really seen them since..., blessings Hilde

  2. It is lovely when there is a space to call home. I like ironing but of course I don't have time because of the paper crafting. I did iron the used dryer sheets. My immediate work area looks a bit like your desk but everything is at hand and I know where it is.
    PS this reveal has been great as I thought everyone had pristine perfect spots to work in. I am relieved.


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