Sunday 8 December 2013

Design Team Craft Room Reveal : Wynn

Hi again, well here we are with another great Craft Room Reveal, I hope you have been enjoying us sharing with you our wonderful crafy places. Make sure you hop on over and check out her blog as well. Here is Wynn in her words...  

Here is my craft tour for what's it's worth. Not got a lot but I manage. You could say I'm lucky that I do have a craft room but guess what I rarely use it. Why? Well in the Summer it gets extremely hot. There's no Air Con and fans just blow crafty stuff all over the place. In the Winter it is freezing!! Can't wear gloves to craft now can we. So I prefer being at my desk with the PC and I nip in and out for tools and goodies. Keeps me fit you could say. I do tidy everything away at the end of the day but it's a mess during the creative process.

Craft Room

The blue boxes have things like templates, punches, large flowers etc.
 The see through boxes have smaller flowers, wire, some ribbons, bows etc....all your small fiddley stuff. The jars hold buttons..... colour coded.

You can see two boxes of 'sayings'/small tags here too, flower soft and a cutter.

Tissue paper and ribbon bows and plastic wallets are in the drawers. The blue box holds my card stock and the white box fancy/glitter/mirri card. Circle cutter is on top.
On top of the spare freezer I have baskets with more jars of buttons and sequins. Small blue boxes as before.
This is my desk that I should work at but don't!! To the right are files with colour co ordinated scrap papers in.. Large hole punch, embossing tools, circle cutter and small non stick mat. My stamps and inks are in the brown box and along top of desk. The heat gun and notebooks to alter are there too. On the left I've a box of jewellery making tools and findings and some beads.

Top drawer of desk holds toppers and ATC's. 2nd drawer bright coloured ribbons. 3rd drawer pastel ribbon. Bottom drawer ready made tags and die cuts.

On another wall I have a shelf unit which has large purple boxes storing DP and one of these has Xmas stuff in. You can see staplers here too and the tin behind contains sand and small sea shells.

Boxes with a wide variety of envelopes and boxes half made up. More Xmas stuff on top shelf.

This is where I have my paints and brushes stored and decoupage and more DP are in the blue boxes.
This is my messy space. PC, printer, card, paper, CD's are here. Very untidy!!
My work area outside if it's not too windy.
And if I want a view of the pool I just move my craft stuff around to other side of table. I have my craft group tool box in the boot of my car more or less permanently....then I'm always good to go each week to my craft group.
So that's it. Not a lot but then there's not a lot to buy here.

 Thanks Wynn for the tour, just looking at that pool would be too distracting for me, I would never get any crafting done, thanks so much for letting us have a look into your world, 
many blessings Hilde

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  1. Hope you are enjoying that pool! What a lovely spot to rest and recuperate and just the place to do some gentle craft work too.


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