Wednesday 3 December 2014

Last Challenge Winner and Top Three

Yep, sorry folks it is all over

Oh, except telling you who won the last challenge - sorry, forgot about, let me see.......oh, yes, now I remember!


I was so drawn to this beautiful creation, very nice, lots of work has gone into this it...H

Our final lovely sponsor was 

So, No 21, please contact Hilde (see tab at top of page) for details about collecting your prize and Congratulations - don't forget to also copy/paste the Winner's badge and display it proudly!

Now, what's next? Oh, yes, that's right.......

I get to pick the last TOP THREE!

In no particular order they are:

Always hard to make guy cards -these two are fabulous

She just looks so sad - to see us go perhaps?

Full of luscious loveliness!

Congratulations Ladies - please copy/paste the TOP THREE badge proudly!

Well, that's the end of it all - all that is left is for me to say how much I have enjoyed the ride with Hilde and this challenge blog, and to say what a privileged it has been to work on the Design Team with all the talented Dragonflies and the blog.

I am sure you all join me in sending positive thoughts and prayers to Hilde in her journey ahead - while I know it will not be easy, I also know that Hilde herself is positive and full of determination to live her life to the full. I expect to be back as a Dragonfly sometime in the future - annoying you with my silly puns and dubious reading of various challenges! Until then, Goodbye.....
....... and thanks for all the fish!



  1. How lovely that my card is in your last Top 3, thanks so much. Wishing Hilde all the best in her fight ahead, keep strong. Thanks to you all for running the challenge, it's been great fun. Crafty hugs xx

    1. Thanks Jane, too kind. I will definitely keep fighting....Hilde

  2. Wonderful last post Susan, well done. Blessings Hilde

  3. Yes Hilde wonderful. Made me smile through the tears. I am going to miss you guys. Love and blessings Hilde. It goes without saying that I'll be thinking of you as you battle this dreadful disease. Chin up gal. Love and hugs Wynn xxxx

  4. Hello, Susan,
    I thank you all for picking my album as a winner! I am very happy because I really made it with a lot of love and patiente.
    I also send my congratulations to the Top 3 ladies!
    It's sad the Dragonflies adventure has come to an end, but sometimes life brings us to different paths, and we have to take care of other things. Anyway I hope you all will keep this fantastic time of your life always in your mind and in your heart; even if you won't have anymore time to create and blog, I wish you to see everyday a dragonfly flying around you with her message of change, hope and strenght. This is the reason why you chose this name for your blog, isn't it?
    Have a happy flight!


    1. Hi Mariangela, congratulations and please make sure you send an email with your details to claim your prize....H

  5. Thanks for choosing me as one of the last top three, hope to see you back and good wishes to you alll x

  6. I'd like to thank Hilde for choosing me as an original Dragonfly and taking me out of my comfort zone of which I am grateful for. Thanks too to all the lovely Ladies for your friendship during the great Dragonfly Journey. It was SO MUCH FUN. Hilde - you are in my thoughts and pray for better health in 2015.


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