Saturday, 26 December 2015

# 49 Let Loose - anything goes Winners

This is our last challenge/winners post for the year and we will see you all in the New Year of 2016.
I pray you will enjoy the festivities and it will go off without a hitch and too much stress.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the following (4) winners:

This gorgeous creation was made by Englechen 

What a cute thing made by Mimi

Don't you just love all those die cuts? made by Laine

Just love the way this card was put together and the colours ScrapEllen

And yes there are four instead of three, there were so many wonderful creations to choose from.
Well done everyone and congratulations.
Enjoy Christmas and New Year everyone...

Blessings Hilde and the Team

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas

I pray that you will all find PEACE this Christmas and beyond.
 Please don't forget the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

 I pray you will be at peace, will not be lonely or sick, that you will have time to appreciate the wonderful things in life that make you happy and give you joy, be thankful in all things. Concentrate on the good not the bad. Be forgiving, let go of the old hurts and embrace the future. Do not fear anything! God is in a good mood all the time. He is not angry with you and he loves you even if you don't love him...
This is the season to BELIEVE

See you all in 2016.
Our first challenge back in the New Year will be on the 6th of February.
The winners of the last challenge will be announced on the Saturday the 26th of December.
We are also very blessed to be able to announce a new DT Member very soon.

Blessings Hilde 

Saturday, 12 December 2015

#48 Winners of Anything Christmas with Ribbon

Hi all, thanks so much for playing along with us at our last Challenge. So many goodies to choose from. I found it very hard, but have finally zoomed in on these three wonderful cards, love what the creators did with their ribbon. as well a the lovely details...well done ladies. Please right click and save the top 3 badge from the side bar.

Congratulations go to : 

Congratulations  and well done.
We are now into the second half of our go crazy, anything goes Christmas , which is also our last challenge for the year. So get to it, anything from scrap booking to knitting, to cards, whatever you want to do as long as it is Christmas related.

Just scroll down to join

Saturday, 5 December 2015

# 49 : Let Loose : Anything Christmas - Card, scrapbook page, 3d - anything

Wow, you guys love Christmas. Thank you for all the wonderful entrants in the last challenge. Fantastic. Keep a lookout next week for the Top 3 announcement. It could be you!!

This is going to be our last challenge for the year. I just don't want to overload my lovely Design Team, as it's getting closer to the big day.
Christmas really is about families, getting together and celebrating the reason for the season... 

So I will announce in the winners post of this challenge when we will be back in the
New Year of 2016.
(which will most likely be early February).

New Challenge:

Anything Christmas

Not just a card challenge only as usual, but anything, literally means anything.
So it could be any 3D item, scrapbook page, tag, knitted, crochet, journal, card, anything...
you get the idea...
Cant' wait to see what you come up with...
You guys are all so creative and have lots of talents, time to show it off.
Here is some inspiration from the team:

Wynn created these gorgeous angel ornaments, hop on over to her blog to find out more.

 CG made an exploding box with a surprise lantern inside!

Susan created this gorgeous card, check out her blog for details

Well I tried to make a Christmas album out of scrapbook pages, more info on my blog

Saturday, 28 November 2015

#47 : Winners of : Let it snow / Week two #48 :Christmas add ribbon

Well a big Dragonfly hello to everyone. This was a big ask for Wynn to pick the top 3 with so many entries, but she managed to do so. Sadly we had to eliminate a bunch of beautiful entries, as it was Card only, but it was wonderful to see your beautiful creations non the less.

So here they are, in no particular order:

No. 2 : Jackie C - Wynn says: Love the trees and die cut deer making a lovely snowy scene.

No. 18 : Karen C - Wynn says: Beautiful design and lots of yummy details

No 21. Claire C : he work that went into this to create a very snowy scene was inspiring.

Congratulations to all of you. Well done. Great Winners pick Wynn!! 
Please right click and save 
the top 3 badge from the side bar.
Please check out the latest challenge and have fun making Christmas Cards/include ribbon..
Blessings Hilde and the Team.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

#48 : Card Challenge- Christmas/add ribbon

Hi and Hello everyone, big Dragonfly hugs to you all and welcome to our new followers, make yourself at home. So great for you to visit. Thank you to all our challenge participants from Wynn's choice, 'Let it snow'. You all like snow, huh? You can find out next week who made it to the top three, Wynn will be picking them of course.

 We have another wonderful challenge starting today, and because we are getting close to Christmas and we want to be organized with our Christmas cards, right? That is why it;s, you guessed it:

Christmas Card - add ribbon

How easy is that?  Here are some inspirational Cards from the team to get you started.

CG made this beautiful Ribbon Tree

Lovely Card from Susan, love the Santa die

Wynn created this lovely Christmas card, and how cute are the ribbons?

Rustic, grunge look card from Hilde

Awesome, now it's over to you. Join in the fun. Blessings from Hilde and the Team

Saturday, 14 November 2015

# 46 - Winners of Pinktober

Hi all, how wonderful is life? If we don't look at all the bad stuff and just concentrate on the good stuff, it is awesome!!
Thank you for all the brave ones that participated in our Pinktober challenge. As most of you would know I am battling the second round of cancer, and I will win. The medication I am taking is working well...So you can see why Pinktober is close to my heart..

So here are the winners in no particular order, 

Sorry your blog wouldn't let me re post your pic.

Congratulations girls, well done, your cards were lovely, and touched my heart.
Please copy and paste the top 3 badge from the side bar. Many blessings Hilde and the Team.

Make sure you hop on over to enter Wynn's choice of  'Let it snow'
See you there

Saturday, 7 November 2015

#47 : Wynn's choice: Let it snow

Hi everyone, so glad you could make it. A big thank you to all who entered in our last challenge, You will find out who made top 3 in next weeks post. 
We have another wonderful Card Challenge for you today.
It's Wynn's choice this time and she has chosen:

Let it snow

Well I can't wait to see all of your lovely creations. Here in Australia we are heading towards what looks like a very hot and Summer, so making a card with snow on it should cool me down. Even though we had a lot of rain and storms last week in Sydney.
Have fun everyone....

Here are some examples from our DT to inspire you:
Here is Wynn'sgorgeous creation.


And Susan just added another great card, her first Shaker card. Love it

Sunday, 1 November 2015

#45: Winners of Recycle something not normally used on cards

Hi everyone, hope you are all well. Sorry I am a day late with this post. We are having great weather here in Sydney at the moment, how is the weather where you are?
CG picked her top three for the Recycle something challenge so here they are:

Congratulations everyone, well done. Please take the top three badge from the side panel

There is still time to enter our PINKTOBER challenge, hop over here and enter...

Have a great week, blessings Hilde and the Team

Saturday, 24 October 2015

#46 : Pinktober - Card Challenge - Support Breastcancer

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and had a wonderful week. Well it's time for another wonderful Card Challenge here at Crafting with Dragonflies.
So glad you could make it. Our last challenge was a little underwhelming, but I am so grateful for the lovelies that entered into it, feel yourself hugged.
CG will pick the winners and you will find out the top 3 next week...

This weeks challenge is :


What we want to see is a card in mainly pinks. October is the month for Breast cancer.
As you can guess this one is close to my heart.

Here are some samples from out DT to inspire you:

 Our lovely Wynn has created this gorgeous pink card

Susan created this one, love the whole twins thing, lol


I created this card, trying out my new die cut background...see my blog for more details

So there you have it. Looking forward to your creations.
Blessings from Hilde and the Team

Saturday, 17 October 2015

#44: Winners from Anything goes

Well a big Dragonfly hello to you all and feel yourself hugged. Anything goes is everyone's favorite without a doubt...There were soooo many beautiful creations. But I worked it out after many coffee's. 
So here are the beautiful winners of #44 Anything goes
In no particular order:

# 20 Pauline

# 26 Suzanne

# 78 Mimi

Congratulations ladies, most beautiful card creations. Please copy and paste the top 3 badge from the side bar, and thanks for being part of the Dragonfly Challenge.

Sadly there are some peeps that are not following the rules. Only one card per challenge please, and make sure you read the challenge rules before you enter...
I do love looking at your creations

There is still one week left in our awesome card challenge:
CG's Challenge Theme: Recycle something not normally used on cards
So please make sure you are part of it....
Click  here to check it out.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

#45: CG's choice: Recycle something not normally used on cards

Hi everyone, oh my goodness!! 
You do really like Anything goes, huh??? Well I am so glad, and thanks to everyone who entered, now I have to work out who is the top three, not an easy job....
I anticipate several cups of coffee trying to figure that one out, lol.

Big Dragonfly hugs to all of our new followers....really appreciate all of you.

Well now onto our wonderful new theme hand picked by our lovely CG
You most likely all know her by now, she is just gorgeous. 
She helps me a lot and she is also one of the busy girls from Paper Playful...
hop on over here to her blog and say hello. 
CG will also be picking the top 3 for this one as well...

#45 : Recycle something not normally used on cards.
Card challenge

Well there you have it, couldn't be any check out our DT samples to inspire you...

This card is from Susan, love pink and black and what a good recycle idea

Gorgeous card Wynn, and another awesome recycle idea.

CG used Styrofoam, rubber, aluminum, and betel nuts!

This is my contribution, the recycled part is the real Australian Gum leaf in the centre, with
insect holes and everything, found it in my Garden and saved it from the compost heap, lol.

Now go and have some fun with this...blessings Hilde and the Team
Please remember to read our rules before you start...

Saturday, 3 October 2015

#43 Winners from Something Magical

Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful week so far, and that you have some great plans for the weekend....
Welcome to our latest new followers and thank you for joining us, big Dragonfly hugs coming your way.

Susan picked a wonderful subject and it was : Something Magical.

Basically what is magical to you. There were some entries that we had to disqualify because they didn't comply with our challenge rules, the entries were all gorgeous and I didn't envy Susan's task to pick the top 3.

Congratulations goes to:

7 - Monica Soto: so cute

 20 - Larissa : love the monsters and the way they are coloured up too, and the sentiment for a kid is so cute 

23 - Carol Gill - beautiful image, so sweet and so well embellished

Congratulations to you all, well deserved...please copy and paste the Top 3 Badge from the side bar.
Hope to see you again soon in our next challenges, blessings from Hilde and the Team.

Just wanted to say a big thank you  to Susan for her great choice of theme and winners picks.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

# 44 Card Challenge: Anything goes

Welcome everybody, and thanks for visiting us today. Big Dragonfly hugs to our new Members, life is wonderful....I am very heartend by all of our new followers since we re started...Thanks so much, our follower numbers have been steadily climbing. I think I will put together a prize once we arrive at a certain magical number.

Well the 'Magical' theme seemed to go down a bit better and a big thank you to all who entered. Susan will pick the top three this time and you can find out who they are next week....I don't envy her to pick top three, there are so many gorgeous entries ...

Now onto this weeks theme, which is everyone's favourite!! You guessed its
Anything goes
just remember, cards only, and you have to be a member, please check out our rules in the top tab. If you would like to be a Guest Designer, please email be with your details and blog link...

Some great inspiration from our Design Team....

This is Wynns gorgeous creation, go and check it out.

The cutest card ever from Susan

CG made a summery shaker card

I am trying to bring on Spring with this one I think

Now go and have some fun creating....
Blessings Hilde