Friday 24 July 2015

Would you participate in a Challenge if there is no prize?

Hi everyone.
Think yourself hugged from (very cold) Sydney, Australia.  Hope you have all been well.
I have had a topsy turvey time this year, but am almost back on my feet...Almost.
A big, big thank you for hanging in there with the Dragonflies.

I have a question:

Would you all participate in a Card Challenge if there is no prize at the end?

Please leave a comment....

'Cause that is something that has been on my mind for while..I know that I would take part even though there is no prize...and as a challenge blog often chasing the prizes for the winners and organizing sponsors is the hard part of running a challenge blog...

I would like to start the Dragonflies up again, but only if I can start with half steam.

Let me know...

Blessings Hilde


  1. I would absolutely participate, it's showing off my work and getting comments that gives me a buzz!! A prize is a bonus!!

  2. Hi, i would enter if no prizes as i think its the fun to be able to just enter a challenge. Im more chuffed to win say a top 3 badge than a prize. I no where you are coming from regarding the prizes and running a challenge blog..Hope this has helped your mind a bit from me
    Keep warm..Hugs Lozzy x

  3. Personally, I often enter challenges for which there is no prize so that wouldn't deter me .... it's the theme I go for!


  4. I would enter too as like Lozzy I really get a buzz from winning a top spot badge for my blog x

  5. I sometimes play a challenge where there is no prize. So sure I would play along for the fun of it.

  6. I would enter the challenge if there was no prize. I must admit I enjoy getting a Top 3 or 5. I enjoy just being able to take part in a challenge and showing off what I have made. I know what it is like trying to find sponsors and chasing hem up. I run the Dream Valley Challenge, I took over from Mel when she had to leave for health reasons. It takes up a lot of time. Marlene

  7. I would - I love to show off my work and a lot of times you get new friends and followers!!!

  8. I also enter for fun, and love getting a top spot badge. Ursula xxx

  9. HIlde - I think it a great idea to have a Challenge that doesn't have a prize. Most people go for the theme/colours etc. Whatever takes their fancy. Top 3 or 5 depending on entries seems to be popular and crafters like that. Also Guest Spots. Crafting is all about FUN! and meeting new friends.

  10. I enter if there is no prize if the theme is right. Just a top 3 badge is all that is needed. That is more rewarding than a random pick prize.

  11. Yes would Join in, agree with INA comment x

  12. I always find being picked as top three way better than winning a prize

  13. I agree with Margaret better a top three pick than a random winner. More rewarding. If someone has chosen your card personally. W x


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