Sunday 20 September 2015

Question: Art Journal or not??

Hi my lovely followers and friends...

I have a question, I was thrilled how you all answered my previous question if it mattered to you if you received a prize or not in a challenge,which in turn gave me the courage to get back on the horse so to speak...
Now that I am feeling much better and seem to have that dreaded cancer in check, (not taking my eyes or you again, though), I am tempted to step out and do some more radical things....

So here is the question or should I say questions

Would you be interested in trying something out with me? I mean I have been watching and am intrigued by some of the beautiful art journal around in blog land and really want to give it a go...

Let me know in the leave a comment box, and a big thank you in advance for answering...

Happy for you to say, no , not interested or yes I would like to give it a go, and sure I aready do it anyway...

I would like to set it up very similar to WOYWW, which stands for whats on your work desk Wednesday, the blogs name is Stamping ground.
I will need to work out what day to post it, and need to see if we should forget about it, do it weekly or fortnightly

Any advice is much appreciated...if you need to give me a long talking to you can email me, check out the top tab...

Here are some samples I found on Pinterest:

This is sort of what I am skills required.
Thanks and many Blessings Hilde


  1. Thank you so much for the Top 3 win and my yummy badge which is now on my blog :) :) :).
    Re your question, there are a lot more Journal challenges around but still not enough so if you are up for the extra work without overloading your self (you still need rest and little stress to stay well :) :) ) - then yep give it a go, I am sure many journaling folks would love it and fortnightly at first to see how it goes. Hope that helps. Thank you again for the Top 3. Big hugs, Mimi xxxxx

  2. Sounds like a very creative idea Hilde and one which will appeal to many. Sadly although I love the idea time will not allow so you'll have to count me out with thus one. I know you'll have many followers who will love the idea tho. You go girl!!!! But don't tire yourself out. Take care and much love Wynn x

  3. LOVE mixed media and art journals...go for it but rest first.x

  4. Not interested in Art Journaling here, but that doesn't mean I just can't skip over those posts

  5. I have recently done a couple of journal pages and dabbled in mixed media and there are more people doing it-so go for it as long as youdon't stretch yourself too far
    Carol x


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