Friday 15 January 2016

Happy New Year and all that

Happy 2016. Hope you all survived the Christmas and New Year events. Bringing family together can be good, great and not so great, lol. We had a wonderful peaceful Christmas and took it easy for New Year...Very privileged to have watched our Sydney New Year Celebrations on TV...
worked for me.

Well I had the best intentions to schuz up the blog, but as you see, it's still the same...oh well...still looks good. But sometime over the next couple of months I will change it, so prepare yourself s....

Just letting you know that we will be back soon, our first challenge kicks off on the 6th of February.

So until then have some fun, I will reveal our new DT member soon, and also I might let you know what our theme is, or maybe not, still thinking about that one, lol. ( I know, I know)

Blessings Hilde

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