Friday 3 February 2017

Still one week left

Hi all, time is flying at the moment, here in Australia all the children went back to school this week after their long summer break. The hottest January since we have kept records, pffft. So hot, luckily now in Sydney a little cooler, but another heat wave coming this weekend. 
May I just say: "Dear Summer, please stop...." 
I am looking forward to Autumn now, bring on the cooler weather (please).

This is normally were we would have the winners announcements from the last challenge, because this is our first challenge back, I am just letting all of you lovelies out there know that you have one more wonderful full week to enter our Valentine's Card Challenge.
Please scroll down to enter. 
Blessings Hilde and the Dragonflies

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  1. Hi Hilde, I agree, this summer has been extra hot even in the Blue Mountains, current forecast is for another hot one this weekend, 37c in the upper mountains not looking forward to that day... fans will be on full ball all day long to provide some relief... have a great week... Megan


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