Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Challenge #16 Winners

 Hello Everyone, Susan here - hope life is not too frenetic and that you are all safe and stressless!

It is time to announce the winner for 

Challenge #16 - Create a Christmas Ornament

We had a dozen entries for this - well done to those who had a go!

The lovely sponsor for this was

The winner is No 8 - Cathy

Hilde says 
 "love the beautiful design of the stars and how perfect for the tree or on the wall or anywhere, well done..."

Cathy: please send an email to
and don't forget to collect your winners badge from the sidebar and display it!

Judith picked the Top Two this fortnight and they are:

No - 12  Deanne

Lovey stocking - the lace is so pretty

No - 3 Stella 

How ingenious - layers of goodness

Congratulations Ladies - collect your TOP Three badge from the sidebar and display the fact that you were winners!

The reason there is no Top Three this fortnight is that the rules were not followed  - please make sure that the rules are read and followed if you wish to be considered for the prizes. 

Our last challenge for 2013 is to create

Christmas Tags (one or many, little or large)

We have two sponsors for this - 


All you need to do is make a tag and enter this in the competition. Who isn't making Tags at this stage of the year!! So, make it, take a photo, upload it and write about it in your blog, and enter it in our challenge! Don't forget to be a follower if you are not already!

Go and have a look at the ones already made and entered - so inspiring! 

As this is the last post before the 25th, for those reading this blog 

We wish you a fabulous Christmas, with family and friends around and a happy and harmonious time to be had by all.  May you get the things you need, with a big degree of happiness is included! Don't eat too much and certainly DON'T DRINK too much either!

Be Happy.

We look forward to seeing all that stash being used in the future challenges!

Hilde and the team at Crafting with Dragonflies!

See you next time to announce the winners of the last challenge - TAG making - for 2013.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Design Team Craft Room Reveal - Sammy

Hi everyone, this is our last Craft Room Reveal and I hope you all enjoyed looking into our craft spaces.....I loved it.
Last but not least is Sammy, go and check out her blog and leave her some love, blessings Hilde  
I don't have much in the way of a craft space. In fact, I use the far end of the living room, and have a desk and the floor space around it. It's not ideal, because often stuff is in the way of regular life, and as my organisation is pretty much "everything in one big pile", it can be tricky to get at or find things.
But it's what I have, and of course I make do. Though fingers crossed we'll have a conservatory next summer, which I will of course claim as mine! lol.

This is a view of my entire area. It's deceptive, as the drawers are actually full of household paperwork! lol.

I have my ribbon stash in a box under my desk, and my bag of paper flowers too. Under the drawers are my basket of punches and a bag with materials such as hessian (burlap).

The floor space beside my desk has stacks of cardstock and 12x 12 papers, as well as my box of stamps. The two cardboard boxes at the back hold my recently finished cards (one for Christmas, one for everything else!)  You can also see my cases full of embellishments in front! They are always in the way! lol.

The lefthand side of my desk stores my designer paper. 6x6, 8x8, A4 and A5. The stack next to it is a box full of toppers and such (which I should probably move, as I rarely use them any more! and some magazines, my charm box and my box of scraps of cardstock.
You can also see my jar full of lace and some finished cards awaiting photography! :-)

A couple of shelves that hold more ribbon, loadsa buttons and my LOTV stamp folders and art/sketch pads. (I luuuuurve this shelf!)

And finally, this is the space I work at. The cutting mat started off as A2, but I have access to less than half of it! lol. As you may be able to tell from the ruler and knife and the lack of guillotine, yes, I cut all my card bases, mats and everything by hand! (I do finally have a die-cutting machine, which is on the kitchen table...)
To the right there are two extra-large pencil cases full of  Promarkers, and various tools and supplies are dotted around... At the back are some clear plastic envelopes with gems, brads, washi tape and such.
I even have a Tim Holtz corner, where I have a stack of  Distress ink pads, and my stickles and distresser!
So there you have it... my crafting corner! It's not as roomy as some, but it's mine, and I love spending time there. :-) x

Thanks Sammy for letting us have a look into your crafting space. I  love LOTV as well, and I am very impressed that you have Tim Holtz corner.....blessings Hilde

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Challenge # 17 : Christmas Tags - Last challenge for the year

Welcome to Crafting with Dragonflies. I am so glad you found us, a big hello to all the new followers and of course our 'old' ones as well....this blog could not function without you.... So feel yourself hugged.
How exciting, not long to go now and we will be celebrating, are you organized? Or like me, just started with the whole OMG it's nearly Christmas, better get sorted ASAP?
Don't panic...don't will all turn out ok...
Traditional Christmas image with snow and everything

This is my favourite time of year, and this is also our last challenge for the year and we begin again  
on the 22 of January 2014.
We are having a well deserved Holiday break.

We have a wonderful announcement to make. Please welcome our newest DT member,  you might remember her being one of our Guest Designers just recently..
Give CG a big warm welcome...
here is her link
I'm a crafter living in Baltimore, Maryland, with my husband, a green iguana, and two unusually-large Miniature Schnauzers. I especially enjoy interactive elements on my cards, and I absolutely love heat-embossing! I'm very lucky to have found the on line creative community, and I just love visiting blogs by crafters around the world.
(Great to have you on board CG)

We are also saying goodbye to our very dear friend Barb, who is putting family first (and her passion for scrapbooking) this will be her last challenge......thanks Barb for all your help and organizing the sponsors, many blessings from all of the Dragonflies, and hope to see you around blogland....and you are always welcome as a Guest Desinger when you want to..

Aussie Beach Christmas, this is what it looks like for most of us here in Australia, Christmas is normally  hot,  sometimes we do get rain, but more often hot....yeah hot, no snow anywhere, only ice cream, lots of ice cream.......
eggnog is also not a tradition here, and all those yummy hot lots of cold drinks with lots of ice cubes...yep....

Our generous Sponsor for this challenge is

The lucky winner will receive: 5 Digis of winners choice
Winner will receive 4 digis of your choice

Christmas Tags (one or many, little or large)
Nothing like a panic for that last minute present and not finding a tag or sticker to put on it and just grabbing a piece of wrapping paper and turning it over and writing / scribbling a quick greeting and the name on it and only then to run out of sticky tape and the pen also died...oh yeah....
I've been there......
So panic no are going to be soooo organised this year, why, because you made some extra Christmas tags...

On behalf of the the Team and myself we would like to wish you a
very merry Christmas, may the Lords peace fall on your household and remember
the reason for the season....
and we wish you a wonderful start to the New Year.....2014
Many Blessings from Hilde and the Dragonfly Team
It's been an absolute pleasure and heaps of fun sharing our challenges with you all...

The Winner of this challenge will still be announced by Susan in next Wednesdays post....

Here are the gorgeous Christmas tags from the Dragonflies;

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Design Team Craft Room Reveal : Wynn

Hi again, well here we are with another great Craft Room Reveal, I hope you have been enjoying us sharing with you our wonderful crafy places. Make sure you hop on over and check out her blog as well. Here is Wynn in her words...  

Here is my craft tour for what's it's worth. Not got a lot but I manage. You could say I'm lucky that I do have a craft room but guess what I rarely use it. Why? Well in the Summer it gets extremely hot. There's no Air Con and fans just blow crafty stuff all over the place. In the Winter it is freezing!! Can't wear gloves to craft now can we. So I prefer being at my desk with the PC and I nip in and out for tools and goodies. Keeps me fit you could say. I do tidy everything away at the end of the day but it's a mess during the creative process.

Craft Room

The blue boxes have things like templates, punches, large flowers etc.
 The see through boxes have smaller flowers, wire, some ribbons, bows etc....all your small fiddley stuff. The jars hold buttons..... colour coded.

You can see two boxes of 'sayings'/small tags here too, flower soft and a cutter.

Tissue paper and ribbon bows and plastic wallets are in the drawers. The blue box holds my card stock and the white box fancy/glitter/mirri card. Circle cutter is on top.
On top of the spare freezer I have baskets with more jars of buttons and sequins. Small blue boxes as before.
This is my desk that I should work at but don't!! To the right are files with colour co ordinated scrap papers in.. Large hole punch, embossing tools, circle cutter and small non stick mat. My stamps and inks are in the brown box and along top of desk. The heat gun and notebooks to alter are there too. On the left I've a box of jewellery making tools and findings and some beads.

Top drawer of desk holds toppers and ATC's. 2nd drawer bright coloured ribbons. 3rd drawer pastel ribbon. Bottom drawer ready made tags and die cuts.

On another wall I have a shelf unit which has large purple boxes storing DP and one of these has Xmas stuff in. You can see staplers here too and the tin behind contains sand and small sea shells.

Boxes with a wide variety of envelopes and boxes half made up. More Xmas stuff on top shelf.

This is where I have my paints and brushes stored and decoupage and more DP are in the blue boxes.
This is my messy space. PC, printer, card, paper, CD's are here. Very untidy!!
My work area outside if it's not too windy.
And if I want a view of the pool I just move my craft stuff around to other side of table. I have my craft group tool box in the boot of my car more or less permanently....then I'm always good to go each week to my craft group.
So that's it. Not a lot but then there's not a lot to buy here.

 Thanks Wynn for the tour, just looking at that pool would be too distracting for me, I would never get any crafting done, thanks so much for letting us have a look into your world, 
many blessings Hilde

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Winners Announcement for Challenge #15

Hello Peeps!

Happy Thanksgiving 

to all our Northern Hemisphere friends who celebrated this holiday. Hope the Black Friday sales were good to you as well. Here they are a bit like out Boxing Day sales - although the images we saw on our TV's last night were a little more aggressive than I have seen here personally! They always highlight the very best and the very worst of something don't they.

Our last Challenge was to create a card showing something with wings and using a stickpin (or two) in the card! We had a muted interest but the cards themselves were fabulous.  Our sponsor for this was

with 3 digi's of your choice

Our Design Team were give three digi's to choose from and we got some lovely work completed to show you all - even if |I do say so myself -  but the people who entered the challenge rose to the occasion as well. Hilde had a hard time chosing her winner but she fixed on:

Hilde says "I love the glittery wings and the stickpins, just a pretty card, well done."

The image is just joyous isn't it!

So, Linda - Congratulations  and just email Barb at 

to collect your prize: don't forget to collect the Winners badge from the sidebar as well!

Now for the TOP THREE

This week I am choosing them, so my turn to angst over which one will I pick! These are in no particular order either:

Love the angels and the spotlight technique

This has so much layered goodness and the pin is made to match the colours (and it has a kangaroo!)

I'm a sucker for an owl and for paper piecing and again the pin is made to match the colours - so bright!

Ladies - sorry there is no prize here, but please collect the Top Three badge from the sidebar and display it  proudly and Congratulations again.

Have you been reading about the DT crafting spaces - it is doing my heart so much good to read them and see the photos - I know I am not alone in this crazy world we inhabit! I have my tribe! Kel has put her space up for inspection this last Sunday - have you had a read yet?

Now, our current challenge is 
Challenge #16 - Create a Christmas Ornament

So, no cards and a challenge indeed - think outside the box a bit - it can dangle, it can be round or square or triangle, or whatever, it can sparkle or not, it can be displayed sitting flat on a surface or laying against a wall or dangling from the ceiling or a Christmas Tree!

The lovely sponsor for this is

Why not go to here and see what the DT has come up with the great images they gave us - and then put those thinking caps on and have a go at creating something other than a card! I'm sure you all have the stash to do this - just roll it out and have a look! Lot's of places on the big web as well where you can get instructions on making an ornament - and think about the family's reaction to seeing you be so clever!

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Design Team Craft Room Reveal - Kelli

Hi again, I know that you have all been enjoying our voyer views into the craft room/ spaces or our Dragonflies, I know I have.....I have heaps of stuff, but some of my ladies have an amazing amount of gorgeous play things, I really want to come and visit....Kel, I feel the urgent need to come and visit you in up for it?

I am fortunate to have a dedicated craft space - we enclosed our 2 car garage, cleaned, repainted, and carpeted it to make it into a craft room/sewing room/holiday and misc storage/kids game room/business storage/romp room.  It is nice that I can walk away from this space when I am done and come back to it later.  It is in the far corner of the room so as long as I leave a pathway through the room, I can leave my space as messy as I want it to be... and it tends to stay messy.  I don't have that clean gene that my mom has!!!  And to be honest, this room is RARELY clean.  It only really is presentable when we have parties or people over.  It's been MONTHS since we started moving things around and there is still a pretty sizeable pile of sCRAP that doesn't have a home.

If you remember, this is what my space looked like after the first big change - my desk.  It has more stuff piled on it but is pretty much the same.
1 - pens, copics
2 - small embellishments, glitter, bling
3 - princess' bed & new-to-me computer
4 - crafting calendar (DT work, classes, blog posting, orders due) + forms and paperwork
5 - 2 clip-it-ups with alpha stickers, themed stickers
6 - ink pads, acrylic blocks, 1/4-sheet white CS for stamping and coloring
This is the "before" looking from my desk towards the bathroom.
1 - PP, scraps, cardstock
2 - ribbon drawers - mostly big gift wrapping ribbons, and misc crafting stuff
3 - 1/2 bath
4 - unfinished card kits, misc. embellishments
5 - business PP, monthly kit clubs, misc. paper specific to certain projects

We moved some of the shelves to the closet to try and organize that space and condensed the shelves a bit to make a larger floor space, better for doing P90X and playing Kinect and whatnot lol!  There's still a lot of stuff that needs homes - I guess that's what happens when you take away storage space... there are things that no longer have homes!

This is the closet that some of the shelving moved into.  The before was a bunch of boxes and bins stacked on each other to the point that it was almost impossible to access a box on the bottom because it means having to move half the closet around to get to it.  The kids' (and by 'kids' I also mean J!) video game stuff is all on this cart and in these drawers.  I also have a small collection of dvds that I enjoy watching while I work, although with Netflix built into the XBox, I watch less dvds and stream more stuff!!

The before of this corner was a folded-up treadmill that has since found a new home at xSIL's house.  There is a lot of miscellaneous stuff here.  And it is another area that needs sorting and purging.

There's still a bit more to the room that I haven't shared but I am embarassed enough showing you the messy work spaces... I am definitely scared to share my large pile of sCRAP!!!!  One of these days I will get through everything and be able to share a fully clean space.  I think.  haha!!
lovies, =o) kel

Wow Kel, I am really are blessed to have such a space..thanks for sharing...
blessings Hilde.....
Go and hop on over to Kel's blog and leave her some love